April 1, 2014

acorn-56360_640Life is this nutty, crazy thing. I’m not sure it ever really starts to make more sense. Maybe it’s just me that is as confused as ever, and life is plodding on in its regular predictability wondering when I’m going to come to my senses!

Either way, the only thing I’m sure of is that I’m currently sitting cross-legged on my bed, staring out at an expanse of beautiful green. Or at least I think I am. So long as the reality I perceive is actually real and I’m not in some version of the Matrix, lying in a pod filled with goo and powering the mechanical bodies of an artificially intelligent life form with my bio-electrical energy.

Jeese man. How did I get so weird?

Maybe it’s because of my parents. Maybe I was born this way. Maybe I’ve always been like this and it has just taken 25 years of this particular reincarnation of myself to figure it out.

Figure what out? That I’m a nut? …

I couldn’t tell you what kind of nut. Maybe knowing everything would take half the pleasure out of life.

Anyone want to be nutty with me? Cause goodness knows, if you’re not, and you hang out with me long enough, or sit closely to me for any length of time… or read too much of my writing… you’ll probably catch what I’ve got. Nothing is more contagious than nuttiness.

I hope it’s sunny tomorrow. Roasted nuts always have the most flavour…

  • Ralph Eder

    You will surely get tons of advice, Beth. An ounce of it from me: Have a look at “the Gospel of Thomas” and consider Text No. 67 Jesus said: He who knows the All but fails (to know) himself lacks everything.
    He’s ALL… is He in us, we in Him (His teachings)?