Deception Point: Dan Brown

I know there isn’t much of a chance that you are a reader and haven’t heard of Dan Brown. However my chances are slightly better that you’ve only heard of the two that were turned into movies.

Granted, I enjoyed both of them (the books, not the movies)- however neither so much as one of his completely unrelated novels.

Deception Point is an attention grabbing thriller with just enough of a hint of science fiction to satisfy my particular tastes. Oh don’t worry, if you’re not a science fiction person you’ll be too busy focusing on all the action to notice – but I enjoy a book that talks about the ramifications of extraterrestrial life.

It’s a long book, so don’t expect to read it in one sitting, but it was interesting enough all the way through to keep my attention.

4.5 Stars.

I know, I know, I tend to give high ratings – but that is just because I don’t review books that I don’t like!

  • I was surprised to find that Deception Point is much more of a thriller than Dan Brown’s more familiar novels. The action is non-stop, and the book is a better fit for readers who love authors like James Rollins or Mark Greaney.