magic (ˈmædʒɪk)
1. an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source

Magic, for me, has always been those moments that seem too perfect to fit in with the mundanity of what we expect day to day life to contain. Fireflies dancing among the tree branches in the still of the night, a butterfly landing on your shoulder, the sunlight illuminating a meadow with such finesse that the blades of grass appear to glow and the shadows cast by the lone tree at its center whisper of secrets and mystery.


2. unaccountably enchanting

When I really stopped to think about it, I realized that the most regularly occurring magic in my life has been linked to nature, not to the workings of man and our control over the natural elements. It flows from the natural beauty of the world around me and only reveals itself when I am ready to appreciate it; when I am at peace.

Magic, like beauty, is in the eye and the heart of the beholder. And if in your soul you are not willing to see it, it will simply not exist for you. Whether your life is filled with magic, or completely devoid of it, is entirely up to you.


What is your magic?

Is it the figment of one writer’s imagination, is it spells and power from within, is it nothing more than a manifestation of our desires… or something else entirely?

3. having the power to make impossible things happen
— But isn’t impossible just a product of our point of view?